Founded in 1998, PIGRA is a Civil Engineering consulting company formed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Our employees have the necessary skills in all civil engineering areas to successfully undertake engineering designs, site supervisions, technical assistances and conservation and maintenance of any kind of Civil projects.


PIGRA is recognised as one of the main specialised companies in tunnels and underground works at a national and international level. At the same time, our team has undertaken projects including areas such as highway and road construction, railroad, hydraulic and sanitation works, transport, structures, building construction and urbanisation.


Our employees' dynamism and technical quality are the reason behind the expansion and consolidation of PIGRA as a prestigious and recognised consultancy. Our main target is to offer a service above the expectations and satisfaction of our clients through need identification and introduction of improvements.


PIGRA has a technical team formed by Chartered Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Geologists, Mining Engineers, Building Engineers, Chemists, Foremans, CAD technicians and Office Administrators.

We are aware decisions and actions undertaken by PIGRA's technical employees have a great impact in the society and the environment. It is our duty to pursue society's welfare in regards to health and safety and environmental sustainability.


The principles that govern our ethical code are social responsibility, integrity and professional independence, personal dignity, reliability, loyalty and diligence.


If you would like further information you can download our company dossier.