Pigra Engineering offers a range of services in relation to water supply and treatment design, construction of water purification plants, irrigation canals and waste water treatment plants.


We use our technical skills to progress specialised schemes and projects from their design up to the site supervision phase.

In the field of the small hydro power plants, Pigra Engineering has reached a permanent collaboration agreement with Hidroges, S.A. as its sole engineering design services supplier in all of their projects.


Some of our projects:


Waste Water treatment plant extension

Lloret de Mar waste water treatment plant extension. Site Supervision.


Client: ACA

Reservoir environmental recovery

Sils' reservoir environmental recovery.


Client: ACA

Water Treatment plant construction


Construction of the Castellar de n'Hug water treatment plant. Site Supervision.


Client: ACA

Privately owned dams safety certification 


Under the new privately owned dams safety regulation driven by the authorities in Catalonia, Pigra has started to offer its dedicated services to private companies in a need for an engineering consultant specialised in Hydraulic and Dam Engineering. We have successfully undertaken certifications projects for several private clients.


Client: Privates

Canal and penstock construction


Construction and maintenance of the Núria canal of the Hydroelectric power plant of Freser. Design and site supervision of the new penstock.


Client: Hidroges