Tunnel inspections


Pigra Engineering staff has a proven track record and the required official certifications to successfully undertake all kind of maintenance and conservation activities. We specialise in tunnel inspections, regarding civil works and installations. From 2015, Pigra Engineering has been named the sole engineering consultant by the highway operator Cedinsa to carry out all the safety and conservation tasks in all the tunnels of Cedinsa's strategic highway network in Catalonia.


Bridges and Road overpass inspections


Pigra Engineering offers a range of services in detailed inspection of structures in difficult access areas through Drone vehicles. Our specialised team use small Drones with fitted cameras, controlled by experimented pilots. Thus, the main inspection areas are targeted and a full report of the structure condition is prepared to make a decision on future actions.


Technical appraisals and surveys - Private and Public services


Pigra Engineering is a certified Civil Engineering Legal Expert by the Institution of Civil Engineers. 


We provide technical service, among others, to several road operators like CEDINSA, Abertis Autopistas, Tabasa and public administrations like the Ministerio de Fomento.


We specialise in geotechnical engineering, road engineering, urban planning and hydraulic engineering for private services.


Residential and commercial properties EPCs (Energy Performance Certificate)


As per the standard procedure included in the Royal Decree 235/2013, required in all property leasing or selling contracts signed from 1st June 2013. We provide documentation recognised by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the Ministry of Infrastructures and registered in the Spanish General Register Institution